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EHF Mk Zero Watch Review

This is the EHF Mk Zero, here for review from the new Swiss company, EHF Horlogere. Founded in 2011, EHF is five people who are trying to bring hand craftsmanship to affordable watches. I first heard about them when they posted a rather audacious tutorial on their blog of "how

GIVEAWAY: EHF Horlogere Mk Zero Watch

We are excited to present aBlogtoWatch readers with a chance to win a LeLocle Switzerland based EHF Mk Zero watch. EHF Horlogere is a boutique watch maker with the goal of offering high-end Swiss watches at prices which are not inflated by marketing budgets or ambitious margins. Using a rather

LAST CHANCE: EHF Horlogere Watch Giveaway

Last chance for you to enter for a chance to win an EHF Horlogere MK Zero watch here on aBlogtoWatch. You have until the end of the month. To enter please visit the giveaway page here and follow the incredibly simple instructions. SOURCE: