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Edox Grand Ocean Jumping Hour Watch

Things have been quiet from Edox for a while, and suddenly they present a few new models. The brand has been crawling upmarket as of late, with the pictured recent addition to the line priced at over $5,000. This is the new Edox Grand Ocean Jumping Hour, and it takes

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition Watch

This new watch from Edox ain't half bad, however, it just might irritate Audemars Piguet with the Chrono-offshore name. I know it is supposed to be Chronoffshore but I want it to have an extra "o" so badly. Edox has been playing with their chronograph sport pieces for a while

Edox WRC Xtreme Pilot & Chronorally Watches

For 2010, two of Edox's new models are meant for people who wish to measure speed. Dedicated to the World Rally Championship (WRC), these two quartz movement based watches look a lot like sophisticated modern stopwatches that go on your wrist. Just look at the large red chronograph pusher. Very

Edox Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch Review

I am happy to present you with this reader submitted review of the Edox Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph watch. Please thank Erwin V. for not only taking the time to photograph the watch and write his thoughts about it, but also in having the passion to share his perceptions with

Edox Classe Royale Watch: Stylish Symmertry In A Tank

In watch terminology a "tank" is a square shaped watch. Strictly speaking, it was a name given to a rectangular Cartier watch, but has been applied to square along with rectangular watches. Square watches are a contradiction, because an analog clock is round, and you have stick a circle in

Edox Grand Ocean Decentrique Date Automatic Watch

Here is another new Edox watch for 2009, the Grand Ocean Decentrique Date Automatic. If you aren't sure about the "decentrique" part of the name, just see how the face itself is "decentered." Yes, putting the suffix "ique" on just about anything gives you the ability to charge a 10-20%