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Edmond Pole Guardian Watches – Now With Bracelets!

A little over a year ago, Ariel showed you the Edmond Pole Guardian watch which features a very cool and rather unique AM/PM 24 hour dial complication using three rotating discs to align 24 hour time with a conventional 12 hour handset (video here). For those of you who weren't

Edmond Booster Watch Review

Last year we brought you a review of the quirky and unique Edmond Pole Guardian watch. A few extra gears on the dial made for a very special look that offered visual thrills and a great way of having an AM/PM indicator. Now we review something more simple and straight-forward,

Edmond Spray Automatic Watch Review

When I first saw the Edmond Spray watch, the first question I asked myself was how I would categorize this watch – or rather, just simply explain it to a friend over the phone. As it is coming from a smaller brand with whom this is my first encounter, I always keep a

Edmond Pole Guardian Watch Review

This here is the Edmond Pole Guardian watch. When I first learned about it I was taken by the innovative dial, and then I started to ask myself what the name meant. It sort of sounds like a car racing term - like "pole position" - but I don't think