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Doxa Shark Ceramica XL Limited Edition Watch

One of the best things about Doxa watches is that they don't change. There is a whole collection of "SUB something" watches that have designs from what feels like the 1960s or 1970s - that remain largely unchanged today. Ever since Clive Cussler learned about the brand at a dive

The History Of Dive Watches

There are many things we take for granted when speaking about modern timepieces, and one of those is water resistance. There are no "water proof" watches, as that implies water would not be able to enter them under any circumstances, so we use the term "water resistant." The history of

DOXA SUB 300T-Graph Chronograph Watches Hands-On

This is an evolved Doxa and one of the nicest reasonably priced chronograph dive watches we know of. The Doxa SUB 300T-Graph (SUB300 T-Graph) is inspired by vintage Doxa design cues and faithfully asserts the tool-watch nature of the famous diving timepiece maker. There are three versions of the SUB