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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Delma Oceanmaster Automatic

Dedicated to both diving and boat regatta racing, the Delma Oceanmaster Automatic comes equipped with a rotating navigational bezel as well as special dial indicators designed to allow regatta racers to time yacht positions properly in order to get to the starting position at the right moment. Delma makes a

Winner Announced: Delma Oceanmaster Automatic Watch Giveaway

We want to congratulate Sebastian B. from Pipersville, Pennslyvania, USA, who is the very lucky winner of last month's Delma Oceanmaster Automatic watch giveaway. Congrats Sebastian, and thanks for being a valued aBlogtoWatch reader. We hope you enjoy your new watch and look forward to your wristshots! For all our other

Watch Winner Announced: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

Congrats to Paul E. from Aurora, Illinois, USA who was the lucky winner of last month's Delma Santiago Blue Shark mechanical dive watch giveaway on aBlogToWatch.  We thank Paul and everyone else who continues to participate in our monthly giveaways. This month you can enter for a chance to win

LAST CHANCE: Delma Oceanmaster Automatic Watch Giveaway

Don't forget! There's still time left in April 2017 to enter to win a Delma Oceanmaster Automatic in this month's watch giveaway. Click here to enter, as well as to learn more about the giveaway and the watch. Winners will receive this as well when they complete the review of their watch! Best of luck,

Watch Winner Review: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

Last month the aBlogtoWatch giveaway watch was a Delma Santiago Blue Shark. The lucky winner was Paul E. and following-up on his receipt of the watch here is his mini review and thoughts on the timepiece: I was the proud recipient of a recent aBlogtoWatch monthly giveaway – what a surprise…and

GIVEAWAY: Delma Santiago Blue Shark

Swiss Delma watches aren't known too well outside of Europe. They produce attractive, mid-range mechanical and quartz watches that include fun mechanical dive watches like the Santiago Blue Shark. A predominance of orange (versus blue) on the dial might have you take issue with the name, but it is nevertheless