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de GRISOGONO Otturatore Watch Hands-On + Video

Aside from the magical mechanical Mecchanico dG watch, this Otturatore from de Grisogono is their most impressive recent watch for men. We first covered the Otturatore watch here when I debuted it. It is a watch that cannot be fully understood or appreciated unless you actually get to play with

de GRISOGONO Fuso Quadrato Two Time Zone Watch

From one of the coolest and quirkiest luxury watch makers around, de GRISOGONO, comes the Fuso Quadrato watch for 2009. Aside from the interesting shutter-style complication the watch looks pretty stylish in its 47mm 18k pink or white gold glory. The rounded square case will look good particularly good on

De GRISOGONO Otturatore Watch Is Four-Faced

After some years of development De GRISOGONO released a fantastic new caliber in a polarizing new timepiece with a name I can barely pronounce. Try saying "Otturatore" a few times really fast. I am sure that means something sexually satisfying in Italian, but this is a Swiss brand through and

de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG Watch Hands-On

It was back in about 2008 that de GRISOGONO unveiled a watch that would really change the game for the modern, ultra-high-end exotic timepiece. The Meccanico dG was not the first timepiece of its type, but it did something a bit special. It visually offered a message to the mainstream