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Cyrus Klepcys Watch Hands-On

Newer brand Cyrus is one worth taking note of, and I finally got some hands-on experience with their flagship watch model called the Klepcys (I first wrote about it here). The piece was dreamed up by the brand and brought to life by the talented Jean-Francois Mojon - who helped

Cyrus Klepcys Watch

Newer brand, new watch. Cyrus debuted late last year but I never got a chance to really check them out as their timepieces reminded me of wrist-mounted doomsday devices. Their flagship watch is Klepcys (still trying to properly pronounce that one) and it is a formidable piece of unique horology.

New Cyrus Kambys Watch Will Be Part Of Only Watch 2013 Auction

Cyrus, a boutique high-end Swiss watch brand will soon unveil their new Kambys watch at Baselworld 2013 with a movement designed by the very well regarded Mr. Jean-Francois Mojon. Using a curved case typical to the brand, the 50mm wide watch contains an impressively designed movement produced (according to the

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Review

The Cyrus Klepcys is easily one of the strangest watches that I have worn for any extended amount of time (even more so than the Azimuth SP-1 Landship watch). Why strange? Well, let's look at this cushion-shaped space craft for the wrist with its movement that is exotic not only

Cyrus Klepcys Alarm Watch With Chiming Alert

This is a timepiece for the serious collector, in my opinion, and the story behind the movement inside of the Cyrus Klepcys Alarm watch is, in many ways, just as interesting as the watch itself. To fully appreciate the Cyrus Klepcys Alarm watch that debuted this year in 2015, you