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CT Scuderia Corsa Watch Review

What we don't suffer from in any short supply are modern wrist watches made to look like vintage sport watches. What we have a lot less of are modern watches meant to look like sport stopwatches. I don't really get why that is. Most serious sport or event timers use

CT Scuderia Automatic Mechanical Watches For 2013

Enrico Margaritelli's brand CT Scuderia is going mechanical for 2013. A while ago I offered a review of their Corsa Chronograph. The interesting design has a stopwatch-style case that some people loved and that some people were not drawn to at all. At over $1,000, some people felt that they

CT Scuderia Dashboard Collection Watches For 2014

The CT Scuderia watch brand continues to leverage its love of both cars and watches with the new Dashboard collection for 2014. It all begins with the brand's distinctive 46mm wide steel case offered in both finished steel or coated in black. Inspired by the dashboard instrument of classic cars,

The Commonwealth Crew Horology Club In Chicago

The Internet is a wonderful thing - it enables all sorts of business and activities, and allows us to more easily gain knowledge on whatever our chosen hobby happens to be. With the watch world, we've got no end of sites, personal blogs, and forums to rely on. But sometimes