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Swatch Group To Increase Prices In The UK By 5 Percent

International Swiss watchmaking conglomerate Swatch Group has confirmed that prices for at least six of its brands will increase by 5% in the UK according to a recent WatchPro news report. The price adjustment is due to take place starting March 1st, 2017, and follows the pound’s recent 15% loss

Certina DS Rookie Watch

In addition to Tissot, Certina offers nicely designed Swiss watches are affordable prices, and is part of the Swatch Group. While not as common in the US, there are some real nice Certina timepieces that should be considered when looking for a decently priced quartz watch. Though there are mechanical

Certina DS 1 Chrono Automatique Watch

Last year Basel saw the Certina DS 1 release to a lot of happy watch lovers. It was a entry level priced handsome watch with the build quality and parts that the Swatch Group is able to provide (usually pretty good). Quality is a bit up from Hamilton, another Swatch

Certina DS Action Diver Watches

I am very fond of turtles. I think it might have something to do with my childhood desire to become a ninja, but whatever the root of my fondness, I am compelled to treat Certina kindly because of their logo. The release of the Certina DS Action Diver watches gives