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Cadence Oarsman Aviator Watch Review

One of the best things about what I do is the opportunity to hear from enthusiastic watch companies who want to share knowledge of their watches with me. This has resulted in my learning not only about a dizzying variety of watches, but also a variety of reasons people make

Giveaway: Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch

May is Spring in full swing and you need an attractive, durable, and no worries watch to enjoy it in. Whether you are a rowing enthusiast or just respect the sport (or perhaps just like the watch), Cadence has an interesting watch for you - that you can win right

Last Chance To Win Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch

Just a few more days until the Cadence Oarsman Hammer watch giveaway right here on will end. Check it out, I made the giveaway post question fun - you get to "complain" for a chance to win. Go here to quickly enter to win a new Cadence Oarsman Hammer watch. SOURCE:

Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch Review

Even though I have no real rowing experience to speak of (save for a few times on a kayak), I am drawn to the simple, value-laden Cadence Oarsman watches. In fact, according to the brand themselves, the watches aren't just for rowers, but people who enjoy the theme, and the