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BRM Timepiece Is Love Letter To Motor Oil

In love with Gulf Racing, the BRM CNT-44-GULF watch is brimming with oil. Everyone knows that most mechanical watch movements contain oil in them as a necessary part of machine lubrication. So yea, most all watches already have oil inside of them. But not quite like this. For oil magnates and

BRM Bombers Watches

Typically known for their race car aesthetic themed watches, French BRM (Bernard Richard Manufacture) has recently announced a new collection of watches that are meant to pay tribute to historic bomber planes. These new "Bombers" watches are pretty swanky - with a unique look that does feel plane inspired and

The B.R.M. Birotor Caps Things Off

Up until recently, I had not heard of the independent watch brand B.R.M. and their line up of racing-inspired watches - but I'm glad I stumbled across them. The model we'll focus on today is another entry into the trend of what I consider to be an industrial style. Of course,