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Breva Genie 02 Altimeter Watch Hands-On

For 2014, Breva has released their second watch with the Genie 02 Terra. It sports a mechanical altimeter that like the brand's first watch - the Genie 01 - uses a specially developed aneroid capsule to indicate this information using air pressure. Hands-on, the Breva timepieces are certainly cool, and

Breva Genie 03 Speedmeter Watch Hands-On

Today Breva has debuted their latest model, the Breva Genie 03 Speedmeter, which carries on the tradition of merging a mechanical movement with a highly unusual – and also fully mechanical – complication that we would not expect to see in a wristwatch. Following the barometer and altimeter complications of previous pieces, the Genie

Breva Genie 02 Air Black Watch

Earlier in 2014 we showed you the newest creation by Breva, their Genie 02 Altimeter watch with a hands-on look. It followed up the Genie 01 watches from 2013 that included a barometer. For Baselworld 2014, Breva is adding an additional version of the Genie 02 with the Genie 02