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Blu Galaxy Watch: Pretty Little Cosmos

Isn't this a pretty looking watch? Pretty in the way a man can wear it and not feel weird. Before you start reading this article, please start the video below. You can then get in the "cosmic mood" to read about this watch. As KC Tay mentioned in regard to

Auction Watch: Antiquorum’s ONLY WATCH 2011 Results

As expected the ONLY Watch 2011 went without a hitch last week. It raised € 4.5 million, about USD $ 6,075,000 as of this writing. Let's take a look at some of the results. [see all of the watches: studio pics & in-the-flesh, hands-on] Perhaps the most controversial piece was the

All The Only Watch 2011 Auction Pieces

Here is a (growing) comprehensive list of all the one-of-a-kind watches made and donated by brands to the 2011 edition of the Only Watch charity auction to be held in Monaco in September. As of writing there are 34 participating Only Watch 2011 brands that will offer a piece for

Top 10 Space-Themed Watches

Be it space or spaceship, the watches below are some of the coolest modern watches which honor or make actual use of elements far from the Earth. Imaginative watchmakers use meteorite dials or design their cases and movements to look like spaceships. We love this stuff and as traditional as

Vianney Halter Deep Space (9) Tourbillon Watch Is Trekkie’s Wet Dream

Vianney Halter gained famed for his unorthodox design and arguable creation of the high-end steampunk watch market. A known science fiction junkie, Halter's mixed reputation in the watch industry ranges from positive concerning his vision, to negative concerning his follow-through in "completing" his work. After many years of relative silence (about seven),

The Gagarin Tourbillon Watch

Ironically enough I was just thinking about BLU, and what ever happened to it? The cool high-end brand did some neat stuff with dials, but I haven't heard anything about them in at least a year or two. Well now I know. BLU's Bernhard Lederer is (BLU = Bernhard Lederer