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Ball Conductor Transcendent Watch Review

By now, you are surely aware of the ties Ball Watch has to the railroad industry (in a nutshell, they created the first watches certified for use to keep the trains on time and not running into each other). That is reflected in the names of the watches that they

Ball Engineer II PowerLIGHT 72 Watch

In addition to a new in-house movement launched in 2016, Swiss Ball watches is also getting more serious about adding their own components and tweaks to the base movements they work with. Back in 2013 Ball announced a novel shock protection system for the balance wheel called SpringLOCK (read more

Ball Trainmaster Standard Time Watch Hands-On

For 2016, Ball introduces this handsome steel-cased version of the Ball Trainmaster Standard Time watch that aBlogtoWatch originally debuted in 18k rose gold back in 2013. At the time, the less than $7,500 gold-cased watch was a veritable bargain compared to the price of other gold watches out there, and

Ball Roadmaster GMT Watch

Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser. Ball has launched a new pre-order campaign that will be available online until May 28th. The Ball Watch Company Roadmaster GMT is a nod to Ball explorer Danny Thompson. Danny devoted his life to motorsports—racing first in the motocross category and then switching to cars.

Ball For BMW TMT Chronometer Watch Taking Preorders

The new Ball for BMW TMT Chronometer watch incorporates the mechanical thermometer seen on some other Ball timepieces while remaining very consistent within the Ball for BMW family. It also shows in various ways how Ball is responding to the details and specs enthusiasts want, as well as adapting to the online retail

Ball Engineer III Bronze Star & Silver Star Watches

Ball Watch Co. is a brand that constantly delivers in terms of variety, quality, and value. The Ball Engineer III Bronze Star and Silver Star watches offer a no-nonsense option for anyone that’s interested in a solid pilot’s watch. And let’s face it - that’s a whole lot of us.

Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime Watch Review

I never assumed that a world timer dive watch would be useful, but consider the fact that it is popular enough for Ball watches to have produced a second run of them. It was several years ago that Ball originally released the Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime, and earlier in

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT Watch Review

Ball has released many versions of their Engineer Hydrocarbon watches through the years, all featuring the unique case sporting that memorable crown guard and bright, tritium gas tube-lumed dial. Unveiled at last year's Baselworld 2015, the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT watch provides the legibility, construction and material quality, and masculine looks

Ball Trainmaster Moon Phase Watch Review

While more dressy watches have been part of the Ball watch collection for most of the brand's modern existence, I have almost exclusively focused on their interesting and dynamic range of sport watches (mostly in the Hydrocarbon or Engineer collections). That ends now, as I review the very capable and