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ArtyA Son Of A Gun Russian Roulette Watch Hands-On

For 2014, the newest ArtyA Son of a Gun collection is the Son of a Gun Russian Roulette. In a sense, this a more visually entertaining, yet classically designed, version of the famed "bullet watch" family of timepieces ArtyA's Yvan Arpa originally dreamed up in 2014. So let's take a

ArtyA & Kerbedanz Led Zeppelin Watch Collaboration

More often than not, brands define their product DNA, ensuring every item that rolls off the production line is unmistakably theirs – but some brands aren't so easy to pigeon-hole. Some brands like so much to be different and that difference becomes their modus vivendi. The new ArtyA & Kerbedanz

Artya Son Of A Gun Dancing Skulls Watch

When are skulls on a watch the less controversial choice? When skulls replace bullets of course. As a limited edition (of perhaps only one), Yvan Arpa's Artya brand based out of Geneva has created a special piece for Halloween 2013 of his Son of a Gun watch collection with skulls

Artya Son Of A Gun Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Not that this comes as a surprise to many people, but this watch is the first time anyone has combined a tourbillon movement with real bullets. Yes, Swiss Artya's founder Yvan Arpa has finally ventured into creating an unholy union of delicate watch making and destruction with the Son of

Artya Arabesque Tourbillon Watch

Yvan Arpa's Artya watches once again debuts a surprise piece unique model at the upper end of what we might expect from the boutique Geneva-based Swiss "art watch" maker. Rather than deforming a watch case with high voltage electricity or decorating a dial with spiders, insect wings, or human blood,