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Teardown: iFixit Looks Inside Apple Watch Series 2

The smartwatch has been a thing for quite a few years now, long enough for many to take for granted the remarkable engineering that has gone into the creation of these sci-fi-inspired devices. The A-Team of disassembling and repairing smart-everything, the guys at iFixit have taken apart the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 2 Review

The Apple Watch Series 2 is the second generation connected wearable "smartwatch" (not Apple's term) device from the Cupertino, California, tech giant. When the original Apple Watch came out in 2014, an oft-asked question was "what would Steve Jobs think of it?" Before I talk about the new features of

Apple Watch NikeLab Limited Edition

The Apple Watch Nike+ was announced last September alongside Apple’s new Apple Watch Series 2. It differentiated itself by coming preloaded with the Nike+ Run Club app and having special Nike Sport bands and Nike watch faces. Now, Apple and Nike are launching a new limited edition watch called the

Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch Debut

Almost exactly two years ago today in 2014, Apple shocked the watch and consumer electronics worlds when they announced the Apple Watch. Not calling it a smartwatch, but rather just the Apple "Watch," now two years later in 2016 we are with Apple in San Francisco for the launch of

Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch Hands-On

This is one perspective of the Apple Watch Series 2 from a particular type of tech guy - one who loves traditional watches and is sympathetic to cool Apple stuff, but who also feels that smartwatches have an up-hill battle trying to convince "watch people" to wear one. People with

Apple Watch Nike+ Sport Bands ‘Day To Night’ Colors

Apple and Nike go way back, and their relationship makes sense since it seems that Apple is focusing on the health and fitness capabilities of its Apple Watch. Runners and running in particular have been given special attention via the partnership. Just last month, they announced a new limited-edition Apple Watch

Apple Watch WatchOS4 Gets Smarter, Siri, & New Looks

Today, at its WWDC 2017 event, Apple launched a number of updates to Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 2 - with the biggest news being on the software side with the introduction of the fourth operating system for the class-leading smartwatch collection. In our opinion, we see the Apple