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Colorful New Anonimo Nautilo NATO Watch Collection

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Anonimo, but the young Italian brand has been busy between the last few Baselworld cycles under new management – dramatic changes which have yielded a far more cohesive collection of watches that bode well for the brand’s future, especially given

The 2010 Watch Buyer’s Holiday Gift Guide

So you want to buy a watch? Be it for yourself or as a gift to someone else, the following guide will help you this holiday season with a number of good choices, brands, and suggestions for various types of people. This guide is designed to lead you in the

New Anonimo Watches For 2010

I recently learned that Italian Anonimo watches have returned to the US. Sources indicated that until just recently they had abandoned the United States market! Now Anonimo USA is pledging a full scale eruption of "Anonomic" proportions. Well I just made that one word up, but it seems to fit.

Anonimo Watches: A Rebirth In Florence, Italy

The birth - or occasional rebirth - of a company is always a noteworthy phenomenon in the galaxy of watch making. It is so because it either grants us the chance to follow the formation of a new star that will shine on for decades or even centuries to come or

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends February 28, 2014

This time round we are checking out some of the rarest and most expensive watches from Patek Philippe and also paying a visit to Anonimo Watches in Florence, Italy. Next, we check out some new watches in the form of Antoine Martin’s Slow Runner and Baume & Mercier’s Capeland Worldtimer.

Visconti Abyssus Scuba 3000m Dive Watches Hands-On

At Couture 2014, I had the interesting opportunity to see the prototypes of the upcoming Visconti Abyssus Scuba 3000m Dive watch collection - a timepiece collection that, in my opinion, belongs in a video game fantasy world. The Visconti Abyssus Scuba 3000m is a timepiece with a lot to discuss.