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Ancon Magnus Watch Review

The Ancon Magnus in bronze is a fun watch from a brand anyone interested in sub $1,000 mechanical watches should know about. I recall the first conversation I had while wearing the watch "out in the wild." I was at a party here in Los Angeles and ended up speaking

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends July 4, 2014

The watch industry is a complicated one and it is in a unique phase right now. China, which has been a fertile ground for so many brands in the past couple of years, is slowing down. And this is a cause of concern to some industry watchers. But this is

Ancon X-35 Concept Watch Review

Some of you may know Ancon watches for their tough-looking collection of military-inspired dive watches, which serves only to illustrate the departure represented by the Ancon X-35 Concept. The Ancon X-35 Concept may boast the same strong lugs as their Sea Shadow line, but that is where the similarities end,

VOTE For Your Favorite Watch Pictures For Ancon Giveaway

In two days, the first aBlogtoWatch Instagram-based giveaway for THREE Ancon watches we have undertaken in partnership with Canadian watch retailer Matt Baily, will end. The giveaway involves people uploading images to Instagram with the #anconatmattbaily tag and then people voting on their favorite pictures. The top three pictures (that