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BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends June 21st

How time flies, it's the end of yet another month and time for yet another installment of our bi-weekly roundup of the best watch articles from here and around the internet. In this edition, we find out what our Contributing Editor James Stacey thought of his first ever visit to Baselworld;

4N MVT01/D01/42 Watch

Poor us who would love to wear this watch but cannot afford it (now or ever). A truly cool design that I think will appeal to a legion of watch lovers and traditionally non-watch lovers, alike. The time is told in a simple digital manner on four discs. Because there

Baselworld Best Watches: Top 11 For 2011

The end of Baselworld is like coming down off a really brutal high. The intense energy of the show is only matched by how busy you are. Nights are filled with long European style dinners that take forever, but go by quickly as the conversation is engaging. Watch lovers can

4N Sapphire Planet Watch

The unique case shape and digital time display of the 4N watch has been around for a few years now, and for 2015 it receives its most notable – and somewhat unexpected – update yet: the 4N Sapphire Planet wraps the original digital-mechanical movement in a sapphire crystal case. "Sapphire." Even the way

4N 4N-MVT01/D01 Watch Hands-On + Flash Sale

In 2009 Francois Quentin started the new brand 4N to produce the 4N-MVT01/D01 watch that we debuted back here in 2010. It was an ambitious project that involved the production of a fully mechanical watch that showed the time digitally on a series of overlapping discs. In 2011 we offered

4N MVT-01/D01 Watch Now Available In Titanium

4N is a relatively new watch company that was started in 2009 by Francois Quentin. If you are not familiar with the name, know that Mr. Quentin is one of the main people behind Hautlence - another high-end brand - and he was also responsible for the design of Louis

4N Watch Hands-On

When I first debuted the 4N watch it was much ballyhooed. This was about a year ago when piece like this were hot. Actually, it was more than a year ago. Even then the brand was over a year away from having a final product. Now they are almost at