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How To Wear Accessories For Guys

“Real men don’t wear jewelry.” Or how about… “I don’t think I could pull that off.” Have you ever heard those excuses? I hear them all the time. Gentleman, it is BS. I understand many guys are not comfortable wearing jewelry. And there is a right and wrong way to do it. But there are several excuses that

Elegant Vs Rugged Watches


You have $500 to spend on a watch. Two options. Elegant? or Rugged? Assume they are equal in both price and quality. What should you spend your money on? A rugged watch built to withstand adventures? Or an elegant timepiece that will look amazing with a suit? To be honest – there isn’t a wrong answer. There is just the right

Best Brands For Men’s Style On A Budget

Most men don’t have millions of dollars in the bank. And building an interchangeable wardrobe can be expensive! It seems like everything that is of great quality…… doesn’t sell at an affordable price. And. It’s. FRUSTRATING! Well – let me help alleviate a little bit of that frustration today. Here are ten of my favorite menswear items under $100. Click

Zelos Watches Hammerhead 1000 meters Diver Preorder

On the lookout for something truly unique? How about a bronze diver, rated to 1000m (3300 ft) of water resistance, that has a dial made with metal from a 4.5 billion year old meteorite? Zelos Watches, a Singapore based micro-boutique, recently released news of their latest design, the Hammerhead Diver. The Hammerhead